“For Two” is the story of definitions

“For Two” is the story of definitions. Some of them are complex, some are amusingly simple. Some have been around for a long time – but unfairly forgotten, stuck in the wrong century or just lost a bit of their charm. Some are pure inventions, the ideas of flight, overwhelming nubbins of joy. They are never alone - they are their best selves when randomly combined, together they create our vision - perception of life. They create the invincible alliance that we call “you” & “me” - they create us.

For us, two is the most valuable number of them all. You may name any two things that come to your mind and there’s a chance they might be something. Something that can stand for itself. Something new and unfamiliar, completely unique. But give it time and it will surprise you how comfortable they feel with each other - how they complement, embrace and take care of each other. They become something unmistakably real. Two becomes one and nothing is ever the same. In our case – it takes a blink of an eye. Instant crush, fireworks all around. Unexpected, yet so real.

We love when someone takes good care of us. Even if we don’t see it, the feeling is there. We get used to it, we spoil ourselves by getting spoiled by someone special. Or is it something? It’s the right chemistry that drives us, the perfect combination of emotions that makes us feel confident and precious, makes us someone else's everything and the other way around.

Now there’s two of us - even if you don’t know it yet. We fit so good that it seems impossible. And yet – here I am. And I can’t wait for you to discover everything I have - it’s all for you.

We bring you closer, we make things happen. We will stand by through your special story. You are inseparable part of me as I am yours.

This is a story that brings together. Thank you, and you too. ©

Even if it sounds a bit familiar – this story of ours is brand new. It’s just playing tricks on your mind because I know you so well. We are molded from one another, we fit marvelously. When we are together – we are complete. As our story unfolds, it embraces and draws you in. Through the twists and turns, and cliffhangers, from the modest beginning to the grandest finale, page by page - it’s you and me.