We both are childhood friends that really enjoyed each other’s company from the day we first met. We both were really passionate about sports when we were younger and loved to get into heated discussions about latest feats of our favorite teams. Growing up both of us had really good careers in sports where Nick became a professional basketball player and I (Shota) gave my preference to soccer. We both graduated from high school and later got bachelors-degree in social sciences (Shota) and economics (Nick).
Our friendship only grew stronger as time passed and just like when we were kids – even to this day we still love to talk about future and our dreams. But it’s kind of funny how we never imagined running a skincare company together…

The whole concept originally came from Nick’s dad, who at one point was a successful businessman and was really famous throughout the country for being really good at what he did. We both looked up to him – he was our real life hero in a sense. His main field of work was real-estate so as the result he had lakes and forests in his possession which led him to an idea of creating a unique organic fertilizer from freshwater mud. He began extracting mud and that’s how we became more familiar with its’ true nature. We used to take mud baths after intense training sessions and our mothers loved to use it as facial and hair masks as well. Everything was going really well until one day our worlds turned upside-down. Unfortunately Nick’s dad passed away and that was a really tough time for us. It was also the time which made us become even closer than ever… My family became Nick’s family and other way around – because we wanted to support each other as much as we could. Although at that time we each had our own responsibilities – we somehow both felt that we should continue the legacy of Nick’s dad.

Our first steps involved using mud in agriculture like it was originally intended by our mentor but we soon realized that this field required humongous investments and complex logistics which we couldn’t solve. We were really lucky that Nick’s dad had a group of loyal people working for him that shared his passion for mud. This team of specialists had more than 15 years of experience in mud extraction and research. We managed to keep this team together and introduced them to our new idea of creating skincare products which they obviously loved. Our brand is a result of our work discipline, mentality and consistency that sport taught us combined with knowledge and skills of true professionals and experts in this field. That is why our vision for the future matched perfectly and that is when we started working together harder than ever to create what you see today as “For Two” skincare. We hope that you will enjoy and love our products just like we do!